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DIANABOL by Hi-Tech Pharma: Power in 60 Tablets - WarmUP Booster | No1 on Fitness Market
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Benefits and Results:

– Lean Muscle Mass†
– Preserve Mass and Strength†
– Anti-Catabolic†
– Promotes Protein Synthesis†
– Boosts Testosterone Levels†
– More active than testosterone.
– Fast muscle building and increased strength in a short time.


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Dianabol By Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – 60 Tabs – Muscle Builder

Not sure what a prohormone is or which one to take? Check out our prohormones guide.

What is it?

Dianabol is a prohormone, not to be confused with an anabolic steroid. It is renowned for building lean muscle while preserving muscle mass and strength.

It helps inhibit breakdown signals, preserving your hard-earned muscle. This makes Dianabol an excellent product to stack with other prohormones like Anavar or Superdrol.

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How does it work?

The ingredients in the 575mg proprietary blend collaborate to increase and maintain muscle mass.


  • Dioscorea Makino 50-67:1 Extract
  • Rhaponticum Cathamoides 100:1 Extract
  • Ajuga Turkestanica Extract
  • 5-Methoxy-7-Isoflavone
  • 7-Isopropoxyisoflavone
  • 3B-Hydroxy-5-androstadien-17-one Acetate
  • 3B-Hydroxy-5-androstadien-17-one
  • Androsterone
  • 3B-Hydroxy-1,4-androstadien-17-one

What can I expect?

  • Muscle growth
  • Increased strength
  • Preservation of mass and strength

Who should have it?

This product is intended for serious bodybuilders looking to preserve muscle mass and increase lean mass gains.

Who shouldn’t have it?

This product is not intended for use by:

  • Women, especially those who are pregnant or nursing
  • Anyone under the age of 21
  • Those with preexisting health conditions (consult with your doctor)


Is it a steroid?

No, this product is a prohormone.

Do I need a PCT?

Yes, a PCT is required after using any prohormone supplement. We recommend Arimiplex PCT.

How should I cycle it?

Dianabol can be cycled in either 1 or 2 bottle increments.

Is it illegal?

It is legal. If you are part of any organizations, for example, sports, military, etc. please check the organization’s guidelines to make sure it’s allowed.

Will I make gains?

It may help increase your gains, but you will still need to put in all the hard work. It isn’t an automatic gains pill.

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Dianabol can be stacked. Many people choose to stack it with Anavar or in our Blast Your






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