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BOLADROL Swiss Pharmaceuticals

Hardcore combination of 3 SARMs for massive build-up of lean muscle mass

Servings Per Container : 50 servings / 60 mg / 50 Capsules


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Swiss Pharmaceuticals BOLADROL

Swiss Pharmaceuticals’ Boladrol is a well-guarded secret, blending the highest quality combination of three crucial ingredients: MK677 (Ibutamoren), LGD (Ligandrol), and GW501516 (Cardarine). This product is designed to facilitate substantial muscle mass gain, enhance muscle definition, and boost strength. It employs premium ingredients rich in active compounds to deliver swift and efficient results within a remarkably short timeframe.

Advantages of Swiss Pharmaceuticals BOLADROL

Boladrol’s key ingredients offer distinct advantages:

  • Ibutamoren (MK-677): A potent orally active growth hormone secretagogue, it mimics the effects of ghrelin, increasing appetite and growth hormone release. It aids in lean muscle gain and slows cellular aging.
  • Ligandrol (VK5211, LGD-4033): Stimulates muscle growth like anabolic steroids but without significant side effects. It promotes lean muscle gain and reduces body fat.
  • Cardarine (GW501516): Although not an androgen receptor agonist, it acts similarly to SARMS. Its primary function is to enhance fat burning and normalize metabolic processes.

Boladrol has the potential to maximize muscle growth, create high-quality, defined muscles, and significantly increase endurance, strength, and fat burning.


Swiss Pharmaceuticals Boladrol delivers a comprehensive boost in strength, expedites the recovery process, and facilitates the development of lean, hard muscles. It also enhances muscle fiber multiplication and improves metabolic efficiency.

Side Effects

It’s crucial not to exceed the recommended daily dosage, and this product is intended for consumption by healthy adults aged 18 and above.

How to Use

Each package contains 50 capsules, each containing 60 mg. Take one capsule with approximately 250 ml of water 30 minutes before and 2 hours after your workout. Always begin with the lowest dose to assess tolerance. Store in a cool, dry place after opening.


Ingredients per capsule: Ibutamoren (MK-677) 30 mg, Ligandrol (VK5211, LGD-4033) 15 mg, Cardarine (GW501516) 15 mg. Other ingredients include gelatine (capsules) and magnesium stearate.

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