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YK-11 Magnus Pharmaceuticals


YK-11 by Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a remarkable member of the SARMs family, renowned for its capacity to diminish myostatin activity. Regarded as one of the most potent supplements available, its effects are tailored towards cultivating lean muscle mass, completely free from any unwanted water or fat retention.


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Unleash Your Potential with YK-11 from Magnus Pharmaceuticals

YK-11, developed by Magnus Pharmaceuticals, is a cutting-edge compound studied within the realm of SARMs. It not only acts as a SARM but also functions as a myostatin blocker by binding to androgen receptors. What sets it apart is its ability to trigger a more significant anabolic response compared to DHT, resulting in extreme muscle growth. Widely embraced in the realms of bodybuilding and athletics, YK-11 distinguishes itself by avoiding the side effects often associated with traditional steroids. With high bioavailability, its potent effects surpass those of other SARMs.

Advantages of YK-11

YK-11 operates as a partial androgen receptor agonist, firmly attaching to the androgen receptor and acting as a robust myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin, a protein responsible for impeding muscle cell growth and division, meets its match in YK-11. Furthermore, YK-11 promotes elevated levels of Follistatin, which effectively suppresses Myostatin’s activity. This dual action accelerates muscle growth and fosters superior cell development within the body.

YK-11 has the unique capability to boost Follistatin production even beyond that of DHT, the most potent naturally occurring male hormone. Remarkably, YK-11 achieves these remarkable results without triggering any significant side effects, thanks to its relatively weak affinity for androgen receptors. However, extended high-dosage usage of the methyl ester may lead to mild liver toxicity.


YK-11 from Magnus Pharmaceuticals outperforms traditional steroids with its robust impact. Users can anticipate substantial muscle growth and rapid strength gains in a remarkably short time. By functioning as a myostatin inhibitor, YK-11 amplifies the anabolic effect, delivering powerful energy and endurance. This allows for the development of muscle mass and the attainment of a well-defined physique.

Side Effects

Adherence to the recommended dosage is crucial. Ensure that YK-11 is kept out of reach of children and used exclusively by individuals aged 18 and above. While the most commonly reported side effects include heightened aggression and suppression of natural hormone production, these effects are generally mild.

How to Use

Each package contains 50 capsules, with each capsule containing 4 mg of YK-11. The suggested daily intake ranges from 1 to 2 capsules, equating to a dosage of 4 to 10 mg. It is imperative not to exceed a 12-week intake cycle. Following the YK-11 cycle, it is advisable to commence a post-cycle therapy (PCT).


The primary ingredient is YK-11.






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