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Submission Science Double Yohimbine

<p>Submission Science Double Yohimbine is a cutting-edge dietary supplement delivered in convenient capsules. What sets it apart is its unique combination of two synergistic forms of yohimbine, delivering a superior fat-burning effect compared to competing products. Beyond the standard Yohimbine HCL, Double Yohimbine boasts the inclusion of 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine, a key ingredient found in top-tier products from the USA.


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Submission Science Double Yohimbine is a revolutionary dietary supplement available in convenient capsules. What sets it apart is the unique combination of two synergistic forms of yohimbine, providing an enhanced fat-burning effect compared to other products on the market. In addition to Yohimbine HCL, Double Yohimbine also incorporates 11-Hydroxy Yohimbine, a key component found in leading American products.

Utilizing Submission Science Double Yohimbine can offer a multitude of benefits, including fat loss, particularly in stubborn areas like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. It can also boost libido, enhance performance, increase energy levels, suppress appetite, and provide better control over your diet.

Composition of Submission Science Double Yohimbine 10 mg (100 capsules):

  • Yohimbine HCL: This compound is particularly effective in combating resistant fat tissue, commonly found in the chest and lower waist region in men, and the hips, buttocks, and thighs in women. Yohimbine HCL can facilitate fat burning, especially in areas prone to “stubborn fat” accumulation.
  • 11-Hydroxy-Yohimbine: Scientific studies confirm that 11-Hydroxy-Yohimbine, found in Double Yohimbine, is up to 56% more potent than the widely-used Yohimbine HCL. It demonstrates an increased ability to bind alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, up to 10 times more effectively. Moreover, it has a longer half-life in the blood (approximately 8-11 hours), compared to Yohimbine HCL (2 hours). These characteristics give 11-Hydroxy-Yohimbine a distinct advantage in affinity for alpha-2-adrenergic receptors and prolonged blood presence.

How does a fat burner with yohimbine operate?

This supplement blocks α2-receptors that hinder fat burning, greatly facilitating weight loss and assisting in reshaping challenging body areas. It’s essential to note that yohimbine’s effectiveness is significantly reduced by insulin. Therefore, taking this compound alongside carbohydrate-rich meals is not advisable. Yohimbine can be especially potent when consumed on an empty stomach before a workout.

Yohimbine HCL is also renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. It stimulates the erection center in the spinal cord, leading to penile erection and accelerated ejaculation. Ingesting yohimbine 30-45 minutes before sexual activity promotes increased blood flow to the genitals, resulting in enhanced erections. Some individuals may experience mood elevation, increased libido, and heightened sensitivity of the skin to tactile stimuli, enhancing sexual sensations.


Take 1 capsule daily in the morning on an empty stomach for optimal results.

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