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Diablos ECA Fire Caps by Innovative Labs: Ignite Fat Burn - WarmUP Booster | No1 on Fitness Market
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Diablos ECA Fire Caps Innovative Labs

DIABLOS ECA FIRE CAPS: Ignite Your Fat-Burning Furnace with Thermo-Z-Ephedra!

Experience the heat with DIABLOS ECA FIRE CAPS, a powerhouse fat burner that boasts a potent 50-milligram Thermo-Z-Ephedra extract. Get ready for one of the most sizzling weight loss supplements on the market!


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DIABLOS ECA FIRE CAPS: Unleash Your Fat-Burning Fury!

Prepare for the sizzle with DIABLOS ECA FIRE CAPS, the scorching fat burner packed with a potent 50-milligram Thermo-Z-Ephedra extract. This is where the heat meets your weight loss goals!

ECA FIRE CAPS target weight loss, energy surge, cortisol reduction, enhanced mental focus, and cellular rejuvenation. If you’re in search of a fat burner that truly delivers, look no further.

The brilliant minds at Hi-Tech’s research and development team, in collaboration with Innovative Laboratories, have elevated the standards and introduced the ultimate breakthrough in fat loss and energy. The all-new DIABLOS ECA FIRE CAPS do what diet and exercise alone can’t achieve. These caps are engineered to incinerate fat by supercharging your metabolism, amplifying energy levels, sharpening mental focus, reducing cortisol levels, and providing antioxidants for cell revitalization.

The Ultimate Fat Burner – Diablos ECA Fire Caps

Methylhexanamine HCL (D-M-A-A): This ingredient mimics adrenaline’s pharmacological activity, acting as the body’s chemical messenger. DMAA delivers robust stimulation to the central nervous system (CNS), resulting in heightened energy levels, enhanced physical performance, increased concentration and focus. Users experience a substantial energy boost without the typical crash associated with many other stimulants.

Senegalia Berlandieri Extract (Thermo-Rx Brand): This extract represents a quantum leap in weight loss and is supported by a clinical study that demonstrated a remarkable 22% increase in metabolism within just 45 minutes. Thermo-Rx brand Senegalia Berlandieri Extract was compared by Hi-Tech researchers to previous ephedrine studies*, the gold standard for OTC diet aids. The findings were astonishing, with Thermo-Rx brand Senegalia Berlandieri Extract proving to be over 20% more potent than 30mg ephedrine and a whopping 82% more potent than 10mg ephedrine. This study’s results indicate that the resting metabolic rate increase observed with 250mg Acacia Rigidula (12+%) matches the results of earlier studies reporting a 6.6% to 10% energy expenditure increase with 10 to 30mg ephedrine. This highly purified plant extract is standardized to 95% phenylethylamines. The four phenylethylamine alkaloids structurally resemble ephedrine alkaloids. Chemists consider Phenylethylamine (PEA) the premier choice among stimulants due to its structural purity, mood elevation, and overall sense of well-being. Thermo-Rx’s alkaloid profile outperforms any other Senegalia species, thanks to its phenylethylamine content, along with numerous other alkaloids and amines. Thermo-Rx brand Senegalia Berlandieri Extract represents a cutting-edge weight loss ingredient developed and manufactured by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – where science never stands still™ and is now a vital component of the remarkable results achieved when consuming The Ultimate Fat Burner – Diablos ECA Fire Caps!


Anhydrous Caffeine: Caffeine, found in nearly all fat burners, offers several advantages. As caffeine is metabolized, it promotes lipolysis, breaking down fat and reducing fat storage throughout the body. Caffeine also serves as an appetite suppressant, curbing daily calorie intake. It acts as a mild diuretic, diminishing water retention and ultimately contributing to weight loss by reducing fluid buildup. This ingredient enhances mental alertness and concentration by stimulating the central nervous system, heart, and muscles.

Hordenine: Derived from the amino acid tyramine, hordenine enhances cognitive function, elevates energy levels, and improves mood. Additionally, it revs up metabolism and aids in appetite suppression.

Synephrine HCL: Synephrine HCL, primarily found in Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange), triggers lipolysis, effectively burning fat cells.

White Willow Bark: Extracted from tree bark, white willow bark offers various health benefits, such as relieving muscle pain, cramps, and headaches. It accelerates the body’s fat-burning process by thinning the blood, intensifying the efficacy of other thermogenic ingredients, and increasing overall fat oxidation.

Yohimbine HCL: A vasodilator that bolsters blood flow, yohimbine HCL also reduces fat synthesis by enhancing fatty acid mobilization. Additionally, it promotes a sense of well-being, uplifts mood, and elevates energy levels.

Usage Guidelines

Take one capsule 2-3 times a day over an 8-12 week period. For best results, do not exceed two servings (6 capsules) in a day. If you are a woman or new to such supplements, begin with 1-2 capsules to assess tolerance.

Caution: Consult your physician before using this product. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. This product is intended for consumption by healthy adults aged 18 and above. Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of children’s reach. Once opened, store in a cool, dry place.


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